July’s Open Day and Green Business Network Donation

July Sept 08Our second open day of 2014 was on Saturday 26th July. Visitor numbers were lower than in June, but good considering the heat, and the start of the school holidays.

We will be open all Heritage Weekend, Thursday 11th to Sunday 14th September, 10 – 4 as usual. (see poster)
However, there is no open day in August, due to circumstances beyond our control.

On 26th February, Calderdale Council cabinet voted  in favour of giving CIMA a licence to run the museum. This paved the way for Green Business Network to offer us a grant of £50,000 towards refurbishment from the Landfill Communities Fund. Thank you Nigel for your continued support. The cheque is in the bank!

We are still waiting for all agreements to be finalised, but preparations are ongoing in the museum, ahead of the library contractors starting work, for the staircase extension to the top floor.

Tim (CIMA chair) and Bob (Company Secretary) receive a cheque for £50,000 from Nigel Oliver (Green Business Network) outside the Museum.

Tim (CIMA chair) and Bob (Company Secretary) receive a cheque for £50,000 from Nigel Oliver (Green Business Network) outside the Museum.




We need your generous support!

Money is needed for all sorts of projects – a new boiler, new signage, and refurbishing the education room are three of the most pressing.

Watch this space for ways of giving on-line, but meanwhile please send a cheque to

Bob Hannam,
Lee Farm,
Lee Lane,
Todmorden, OL14 6HS.

Press Release

After Calderdale council agreed in principle, last month, to allow Calderdale Industrial Museum Association to operate the museum under a licence agreement, CIMA has received its first major private sponsorship with a cheque for £50,000 from Green Business Network. The GBN distributes grants from the Landfill Communities Fund (TheLCF) mainly in Calderdale & Kirklees, in this case using landfill tax on Calderdale’s waste levied by FCC Environment (formerly Waste Recycling Group).

Handing the cheque over, Nigel Oliver of GBN said that they had been supporting CIMA’s objective of refurbishing and re-opening the museum from the beginning but could not make any financial commitment until the project was secured in an agreement with the council.  The £50,000 grant, one of GBN’s largest ever, was confirmation in itself of the importance of the project and of the continued professionalism of CIMA.

With funds allocated from Calderdale council, this grant will allow work to start on major repairs and improvements to the museum building, as well as creating new displays and better access for visitors. This work is planned over the next two years, in parallel with the major developments all around the museum – the Piece Hall Transformation; the new Library and Archive; and the Cornerstone Project at Square Chapel.

In welcoming the grant from GBN, CIMA’s Treasurer Bob Hannam said,

“This is a tremendous launch for CIMA but we now need to raise more funds to deliver a first class museum for Calderdale. If anybody is interested in helping us please contact CIMA on 01422 823966, or www.calderdaleindustrial.co.uk

Progress with the museum will be reported and discussed at CIMA’s AGM on 31 March 2014 from 6.30pm at the Masonic Lodge, Blackwall, HX1 2EH. Anybody interested in getting involved would be welcome to attend.

Tim Kirker
on behalf of the CIMA Committee

CIMA Newsletter: October 2013

We are at last beginning to see progress in our discussions with Calderdale MBC and the Museum Service. We have met CMBC’s Lead Officer for Asset Management and, with his assistance, are finalising a Business Plan for the next five years. This plan will be the basis of a Management Agreement, under which CIMA will operate and manage the museum on behalf of CMBC. There is still a lot of discussion required to finalise both the Business Plan and the Management Agreement. Our rate of progress will depend very much on how much time and resource CMBC and the Museum Service can allocate to these discussions, given all the other calls on their time, and the continuing cuts in their resources. It is now clear, however, that it is in all our interests to see some real progress by the end of this year.

At the moment the CIMA Committee are working on revising the Draft Business Plan, in response to feedback from CMBC. We hope to start discussions soon with the Facilities Management Technical Team about work we would like to carry out inside and on the building. (Extending the second staircase; a possible new entrance from the Piece Hall or from the new Library concourse; repairing the lift; etc.)

We are looking into the possibilities of making joint applications (with CMBC) for grant aid from various bodies, including the Heritage Lottery Fund. Such funding will be an essential element in achieving the plans we have for the museum.

Meanwhile, an enthusiastic band of thirty, or so, volunteers gather on most Tuesdays to work on the exhibits and improve the displays.

  • The water clock from Triangle has been demonstrated using weights instead of water to drive it – we hope eventually to connect up its little water wheel and drive it the way that was intended.
  • First attempts at copying a coin on the re-built, eighteenth century medallion lathe look promising. Progress is limited, however, by the shortage of fit young legs to drive the treadle!
  • A US designed stationery engine is close to being operable.
  • Great progress is being made with the knitting machinery on the first floor.
  • The ‘simpler’ of the two Crossley carpet looms is undergoing a thorough overhaul preparatory to weaving once again.
  • Work is underway on refurbishing Felix, the rocking cat, in the Cats’ Eyes exhibit.
  • Plans are being developed to re-model the area behind the current reception desk, including moving the machinery from the outside workshop into the museum, before the former building is knocked down as part of the new library development.

All this progress, and more, can be checked at our Christmas Open Day, agreed with the Museum Service for Saturday 14th of December (from 10am to 4pm).

In parallel with work in the museum, we are using every opportunity to raise the profile of CIMA and the museum. We are involved with the consultations taking place on the design of the new Central Library and Archive and have been successful in proposing changes to that development to minimise any impact it might have on the museum. We have held discussions with the Project Director for the Piece Hall Transformation Plan to ensure that the developers are aware of the museum and will work with us to integrate it into their plans, as far as possible.

For CIMA itself, a recent reminder to people who had neglected to renew their membership since we became a company limited by guarantee, has had a positive response and numbers are now around 90 – still not as high as we have been, but rising.

We are keen to try to encourage more members to join in our activities. There are, of course, plenty of opportunities to help in the museum – we particularly welcome volunteers prepared to be room stewards on Open Days. In order to open the doors, we need upwards of fifteen volunteers in the building and, if we are to do this more than a handful of times in a year, we need a bigger pool of volunteers. Please contact us if you can help.

At the same time, we have started to organise a few social activities to help members to get to know each other and to learn about other similar organisations. We had a very good visit to Queen Street Mill in Burnley a few weeks ago and we have a visit to Hargreaves Foundry planned for 5 December. This will be followed by a Christmas meal at the Shears Pub – details circulated earlier. We hope to see many of you there.

We are hoping to introduce a more regular newsletter to members, with contributions from members as well as officers, and with photographs of the activities going on in the museum. If you could help with this, let us know.

To finish, may we thank you for your continuing support, and for your patience over how long these processes take. The last year has been a bit of a roller coaster, with progress, inevitably, not keeping pace with our enthusiasm. We are now more confident than ever that we will restore Calderdale Industrial Museum to its proper place in our region, if you will all bear with us a little longer . .

Tim Kirker
on behalf of the CIMA Committee

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